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You Ain’t No Phrend of Mine by goosecommerce
April 15, 2009, 2:50 pm
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Or, Phrenology Is Silly


At least, so John Quincy Adams, age 74, told his diary on Thursday, October 14, 1841:

Mr. Clother Gifford came to me, as a phrenologist, and proposed to give my head a scientific phrenological examination, which I declined; regarding the whole pretended science as a mischievous humbug, with all the evil tendencies of fortune telling – I did not say so to Mr. Gifford, but merely declined submitting my head to his examination.”

John Quincy Adams diary 41, p. 494 [electronic edition]. The Diaries of John Quincy Adams: A Digital Collection (Boston, Mass. : Massachusetts Historical Society, 2004),

Image citation:
Gaetan Lee, “Phrenology Heads,” Flickr, CC License

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